From Russia with Laugh 2 - Comedy Night Gala

From Russia with Laugh 2 - Comedy Night Gala
28 апреля 2018
  •   Дом Кино    Москва, Васильевская ул. 13  карта
  • 18+
  • 19:30
  • 22:00

English Moscow Comedy’s flagship show, “From Russia with Laugh“, has been sold out three times in Moscow, performed in five venues around town including the biggest Moscow parks, Sokolniki and Gorkiy Park, and toured Europe twice, visiting seven different countries.

The show “From Russia with Laugh” premiered in Moscow in Spring 2016 in front of a sold out room, and has sold out three times more since then in various venues around Moscow.

A slightly altered version of the show, titled “The Big Stand-Up Show” had its first iteration on April 1st 2017 in Dom Kino, a well-know Moscow theater and cinema, in front of 460 attendees.

The next version of the show was performed twice outdoors, in two of Moscow’s biggest parks, Sokolniki and Park Gorkogo, in collaboration with Pionir open-air cinema, in Summer 2017.

English Moscow Comedy’s flagship show “From Russia with Laugh” also toured Europe, visiting Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia and Serbia in 2016 and 2017.

“From Russia with Laugh” is back once again, this time around including some veterans of the show as well as new talented comics from all corners of the world; Croatia, Namibia, Australia, India and Russia.

Host: Igor Mondae (Croatia)

Igor is a deserter, anti-patriot and a prodigal son, abandoning his country at it’s hardest.
As a comedian, Igor’s active for more than three and a half years; performing, hosting and organizing shows in over 20 venues in Moscow.

John Night (Namibia)

Propelled by curiosity, John Night rode his horse from Namibia to Russia. He moved to Moscow to study, but soon found himself caught in the world of comedy.

Kirill Voronin (Russia)

Coming from bad to worse, Kiril Voronin is the only EMC comedian who thinks that he is popular.
His jokes about his personal life; family, dating, work etc. are so funny that it’s obvious they are true.

David Munoz (Australia)

David is a Spainish born Australian, which means he’s very expressive in his fears of wild animals, and all the other stories he has to share, ranging from sexual fantasies to Russian national sports.

Arun Khurana (India)

Arun hasn’t lived a day in India. Wasn’t even born in India. But yet somehow calls himself an Indian. He claims he got into comedy because his girlfriend left him, so he had nothing to do in the evenings. Yeah right Arun. Like you ever had a girlfriend.

Denis Nikolin (Russia)

A real Russian man, Denis was born and raised in Moscow, but spent part of his youth living in Barcelona, where he encountered all the western stereotypes of Russian folk.

Already an established actor, Denis started doing comedy almost four years ago, and was one of the first English-speaking performers in Moscow.


The show will take place on 28th of April 2018.
The doors will open at 19:00, and the show will start at 20:00.
The venue is located in proximity of Mayakovskaya and Belorusskaya metro stations in the center of Moscow, at Vasilyevskaya St. 13 (The White Hall, entrance from Vasilyevskaya, not the main entrance).


Tickets will be sold in three rounds:

First round of sales; the pre-sales, will start on 21st of March and finish on 28th of March, during which a limited amount of tickets will be released with a 30% early bird discount:
Zone 3 — 490 rubles
Zone 4 — 390 rubles

Second round of sales starts on 18th of March and ends on 27th of April, during which all zones of tickets being sold.

The ticket price varies between 590 and 890 rubles, depending on the zone:
VIP - 890 rubles
Zone 2 — 790 rubles
Zone 3 — 690 rubles
Zone 4 — 590 rubles
Zone 5 — 490 rubles

Third round of sales (if any seats are left unsold) will be at the entrance of the show at the day of the event. All tickets will cost 30% more at the doors.


The show is completely in English; no translation will be provided. Please, make sure your English level will allow you to fully enjoy the show.

Dom Kino does not sell tickets for the event, please use only EMC’s channels of sales for your purchases.

To get a feeling of the EMC’s work, you can always visit one of our weekly free shows, and see what we do on a smaller scale.

Here’s how it looked last year, including exit interviews with the audience.

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