It's a Match!

It's a Match!
на 13 февраля 2021 в 21:30
  •   Steal the Show Comedy Club    Москва , Староваганьковский пер. 19/3  карта
  • 18+
  • 21:30

It's a Match! - topical stand-up show

It's Valentine's day and love is in the air! So we once again present you one of our HIT topical stand-up shows in English!

"It's a match" is all about inter-cultural relationships, dating, marriage, gender differences, Tinder dates, dick pics, sending nudes and of course, sex!

Lineup of international comedians talking about their experience of finding partners in Moscow, Himki and Tinder. Did we say sex? SEX!

These comics will introduce you to all perils of modern dating, while recounting their experiences in the funniest way possible! They are ready to showcase exactly why dating today is crazy, and how sex only messes things up that much more.

на 13 февраля 2021 в 21:30

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