Stand-up comedy workshop with Scott Capurro

Stand-up comedy workshop with Scott Capurro
27 февраля 2022
на 27 февраля 2022 в 14:30
  •  кухня, бар (смотреть).
  •   StandUp Cafe    Москва , ул. Покровка, 16  карта
  • 18+
  • Для прохода не нужен QR код.
  • 14:30

Stand-up comedy workshop with Scott Capurro

! This event is 100% in English !

This is a famed comedy master class, seminar and workshop with comedian and actor Scott Capurro (San Francisco, USA), who's been teaching it in UK and USA for many years, and now for the first time brings it to Moscow!

Currently a regular at GBNews TV channel, Scott has performed at, guest starred in and hosted numerous shows at BBC1, NBC, Fox, Channel 4 and more. As a stand-up, he's won a prestigious Perrier Award at Edinburgh Fringe festival in 1994, and his film credits include "Mrs. Doubtfire" with Robin Williams, and "Star Wars: Phantom Menace". Scott is a highly celebrated performer with critical and audience success lasting over 30 years, and he's every bit as relevant now as he's ever been!

This workshop will not only save new acts from making rookie errors and traversing dead end material during their own incubation; it’s also a fantastic way to get to know other fresh faces on the comedy scene.
This workshop is designed for comedy acts of all levels. However anyone with less than 300 gigs will perhaps benefit the most.

A massive challenge in stand up performance is making the comedian’s act accessible to a room full of strangers, and with this direct, pertinent approach from one of the longest lasting comedy acts in the UK, such a barrier can be expediently overcome.

Earlier in the workshop, Scott will present a class on the process of creating a stand up set and drilling into your comedic premise. Later, each act will perform 2 - 3 minutes of jokes, with Capurro’s immediate feedback.
Scott will look at each section of the student’s act, pulling apart every joke, finding its truest, simplest form, and revealing the joke’s purest humour. A decent idea will be made better, and a good idea would be propelled to dynamite material.

The audience, made up of students, will then offer their comments. There are a lot of laughs throughout the day.

на 27 февраля 2022 в 14:30

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