Storytelling show: Expat Life

Storytelling show: Expat Life
26 июня 2021
на 26 июня 2021 в 21:15

Storytelling show: Expat Life

Storytelling is a show in which seasoned speakers and performers share interesting, shocking, hilarious, and sometimes unbelievable stories from their own real-life experiences.

After two sold-out shows, the topic of the stories will once more be Expat Life; how is it to live in a foreign country, what kind of ridiculous situations can you find yourself in, and what are the ways of dealing with everyday challenges present when moving to a new unknown place.

Our storytellers will be:

Michael Boor / USA

Abed Owaysi / Jordan

Igor Mondae / Croatia

The venue is ventilated and the air is filtered, the temperature is measured at the entrance, and there is antiseptic on each table.

на 26 июня 2021 в 21:15

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