«The Comic» talent competition

«The Comic» talent competition
на 15 мая 2021 в 21:30
  •   Steal the Show Comedy Club    Москва , Староваганьковский пер. 19/3  карта
  • 18+
  • 21:30

"The Comic" talent competition. Final Show

"The Comic" is a new talent show by Steal the Show, in which five aspiring stand-up comedians work weekly with veterans of English stand-up to create new jokes on different topic for every show, collect points based on their performance, and win the title of "The Comic", as well as a cash prize!

Over the course of five Saturdays, the coaches will help the contestants come up with new sets, guide them off and on stage, all for a chance to win points at the end of each show as decided by the audience votes, and become the best new comic.

The teams are:

  • Tyson Muzeya coached by Kirill Voronin (Russia)
  • Ilya Kovaly coached by Mum-Z (South Africa)
  • Natalia Korchmarek coached by Igor Mondae (Croatia)
  • Matthieu Leduque coached by Oleg Denisov (Russia)
  • Yulia Arnautova coached by Sam Rhodes (England)

Come and watch, laugh, support young talent, cheer and vote for your favorite contestant, and help them win the title and the prize!

на 15 мая 2021 в 21:30

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